Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey guys.

So a lot of you have heard that Peace Corps Guinea is, well, no longer in Guinea. It’s true. We “consolidated” (the euphemism for “evacuated”) and are now in Mali, which was about a 16 hour drive north from Mamou.

I can’t even begin to describe the emotions of being ripped from a place you love- my friends, coworkers, neighbors, a great job, a beautiful house … I haven’t had to “move away” since the first grade. And it’s terrible. Absolutely awful. Tears haven’t stopped since last Saturday. I can’t think/focus/eat/talk about this without breaking down. I stayed next to friends for my final hours, and climbing into the back of the Peace Corps vehicle 7am Wednesday morning and watching as my home, my street, my city, my country, grow smaller and smaller out the back window, is an awful vivid memory that I can’t seem to erase from my mind.

We’re “waiting” right now. We might go back in 14 days if the “situation” clears up. But unless an assassinating dictator steps down from power, a divided military makes up, and democratic elections are promised to take place, in 14 days, I think I’m going to be forced to find Plan B.

No, I don’t know what Plan B is. Which also compounds the stress/emotions.

I have nothing else to write as of now, but you don’t need to worry about my safety. Thanks for all the encouraging emails. I’m praying this will all be over soon enough.


  1. Oh Caitlin, I feel so sorry for you! But I hope things will get all right soon... I'm praying for you. Please keep us updated if possible.

  2. I have heard this from many PCV's Evac'd from Guinea. Be assured that as hard as it is, you will find purpose, even if it's not in Mali but back in the states.